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How to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

2016-03-22 15:08:14
Please teach me how to recover shift-deleted files on my Windows XP. The softwares I found just wouldn't work. Thanks for any help to get my costly files back.   - asked by Olivia
When you select a file or folder in Windows and then press the Shift + Delete key combination, it means you are removing content from your computer directly without sending them to the Recycle Bin. Well, will this method get data wiped away from your hard drive permanently and leave no traces at all? In fact, it does still leave traces, but only not visible to you. And you can recover shift deleted files from your Windows PC with some special data recovery software if you need.
Things that are noteworthy before you do the recovery:
Once files are deleted accidentally by shift+del, stop using your computer immediately. Don't create any new files, surf on the web, play games, watch movies, and so forth. Get a working data recovery software and act quickly. The longer you wait, the larger the chance of the lost data on disk being overwritten. The less you work with the hard drive you want to recover data from, the better. Because your operating system is reading and writing to the drive constantly.

How to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Here you need this Shift Deleted Files Recovery software. It is easy to use, and can help you recover files like photos, videos, music, documents, archives, emails, etc lost due to "Shift + Del" from PC hard drive quickly. Moreover, recover files from external hard drives like USB, SD card, Sandisk card, etc is also possible with the program.
1. Install and run the recovery software on your Windows PC. (Tips: don't download and install the tool on the hard drive where files are lost.)

2. Select the hard drive where your files are lost and click "Scan Now" to search for Shift deleted data.


3. The scan may take a while according to the storage size of the hard drive. After the scan, all the files that can be retrieved will be displayed in the scanning result. Mark the ones you want and click "Recover" to undo shift delete.

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