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How to Backup and Transfer Samsung Galaxy S2 SMS

2013-07-21 11:43:33
Hello everybody, I got my Samsung Galaxy S 3 yesterday, and I had a S2 previously. During the past 7 months, I have accumulated lots of important text messages which I want to save to my PC for future reference. And if possible, can I transfer the Samsung Galaxy S II SMS to my new phone? Thanks for any advice.

There will always be new Android phone models coming out. If you send and receive short messages frequently, when you get a new phone, you may want to transfer the SMS. This article shows you how to backup Samsung Galaxy S II SMS to computer or transfer Samsung Galaxy S2 SMS to other Android phones step by step.

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S 2 SMS to Computer

Preparation work: Download Android SMS Transfer according to your operating system. Android SMS Transfer for Mac is also available.

Step1: Backup SMS on Samsung Galaxy S II

After you download this program, you will notice there are two folders contained: “Phone Port” and “PC Port”. Move the apk file in “Phone Port” to your S2 via USB cable and click to install it. Now run this app, click “Backup SMS” to backup all the text messages into a .db file.


Step2: Transfer Galaxy S2 SMS to Computer

Copy and paste the .db file you backup right now to your computer. Install the “PC Port” and launch it. Click “File” -> “Import” to load the .db file in. After that, you will see all the messages on PC or Mac. Meanwhile, you can click the “Export” button to save the SMS as CSV or Text file for convenient view.


How to Transfer SMS from/to Samsung Galaxy S II

Step1: Install the “Phone Port” of this program on both of your Android phones.
Step2: Backup SMS on one Android phone by clicking “Backup SMS”. When it’s finished, you will get a .db file.
Step3: Move the .db file to your new phone in either possible ways. Then hit “Restore SMS” on the interface of this app, select the db file and click “OK”. Now you will see all the text messages are transferred from/to Samsung Galaxy S II.

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